Monday, 26 August 2013

Tiny Things - From Halloween to Housework

A momentous day - I finished a project, The tunisian crochet chair arms are finished. They just need blocking before the big reveal, probably tomorrow.
I have been doing other things as well and I realise that Halloween and Christmas are starting to blur in my mind. I suspect this is a bad thing.

Improved version of the pumpkin and skull, the new addition is the witch, I still have a ghost and a bat so the plan is to make a spider to complete the set of halloween pencil toppers. I wonder how the teachers would feel if I advertised these as back to school items?

These made me think that I could make a set for christmas as well.

The stars are sparkly and a Christmas icon. The tiny little owls have been made because lots of people buy them for christmas. I am now planning some more so I have a set of 6 - will let you know about the rest as the inspiration particles hit me.

I have also made a very small dream catcher/window pane snow flake and some really tiny scarves for Christmas snowmen perhaps?

The longest scarf is 23cm and the snowflake is 7cm in diameter.

Is there any mileage in writing a pattern for these pencil toppers - would any of you be interested?

I have obviously been having a miniature day lots of lovely tiny things that give almost instant gratification to the creative streak.I am now going to try Despicable Me Minions for my grandsons before starting motifs for a crocheted dress.

The trouble is the amount of housework I have done is also on a very small scale and I think I am about to disappear under a (not miniature) pile of dust, so maybe I should start with some cleaning tomorrow because I don't have any minions to do it for me.


  1. Love the pencil toppers such a great idea :)

  2. Thankyou very much but to be truthful it is Vickys idea. I will show some more when I have them ready.