Friday, 2 August 2013

Moles, Magic and Paddling

Once again not much time for crochet as my two grandsons and their daddy came to visit yesterday. In between playing in the paddling pool we were very wrapped up in the Harry Potter stories.

Danny and Harry (Ben) Potter wearing the 3D glasses from our TV - without lenses. We made wands from knitting needles and spent most of the afternoon making magic spells or going to quiddich practice on our floor mop (broomstick).

When they went home I finished the mole for my chemistry teacher friend it isn't quite what I wanted but I do like it. It is made using black chenile yarn but what I really like is that it seems to be joining in with flavour of the day by being the only flying mole in existence.

Then I thought can I crochet a paddling pool?

I think the answer may be a resounding no but it does look uncanily like our pool used to before we replaced it by buying the only paddling pool left in the whole of sunny England.

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