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Granny Square Blog Tour- I Remember by a Granny.

I am a granny and I was taught to crochet by my granny. I think that makes me a granny squared and perhaps eminently qualified to talk about the topic in the title.

One of the first things I did after I had learned to crochet was make my grandma a granny square needle case.  I was so hurt when she put it in her china cabinet and never used it. I now understand that she had put it with her treasures.

Next I remember making long suffering boy friends granny square ties. Which they wore valiantly even though they had to wrap them three times round their necks to avoid tripping over the ends     ( the yarn really did stretch).

This is just an example not the actual ties. There was no digital photography in those days

At university I was a hippy and a granny square blanket was almost compulsory, so I made one for me and then I made many friends as I helped them make their own.

Very soon after university I married Graham and had Vicky and then Matthew. As with most young couples money was short so we used to go to jumble sales and buy knitted garments. After the children were asleep, Graham and I sat together as he unpicked the jumpers and I made them into granny squares and then blankets. I wonder if these evenings were part of the cement that has kept us together for 43 years?

Vicky has talked about some of the granny square  things that I made for her and then my very precious grandsons in her blog on the same subject.

I also remember how thrilled I was when people gave me their left over bits of yarn. I think this is the reason that I now have a hoard of yarn (everyone else has a stash). I am truly dragon like, I look at it and organise it in colours, or fibres or thicknesses or what goes with what, I am also tempted to eat anyone that touches it! Occasionally I panic and think I must get rid of some yarn. Truly this is so that I can find space for some more. Everybody makes granny squares  to use small bits of yarn but not me these  use up whole cones of yarn that I know I will never otherwise  use.  Made with 6 strands or more of yarn and it keeps you really warm as you crochet.

 Now I am retired and helping Vicky with her crochet business. People still want granny squares like this.

Granny squares are wrapped up in my memories but do I like granny squares? It is like asking do I like bricks and the answer is no not really but I like the fact that they can make useful things like compost heaps, essential things like houses and beautiful things like cathederals and things that last like pyramids, I like the fact that people keep finding new things to do with them – there was no block paving in my youth! So it is with the granny square not only does it hold so many memories but people keep coming up with new, beautiful and useful ways of using it. So I say long live the granny square and the granny!

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