Tuesday, 20 August 2013

From Bavaria to Tunisia and What the Granny Forgot

When I was nervously thinking about what to write about granny squares I got so engrossed in the prose that I forgot some of the crocheting I wanted to share. So the title 'a granny remembers, is rather ironic.

One of the very first things I sold.
A scarf in really chunky yarn

A poncho in rainbow colours

Today I have gone from Bavaria to Tunisia, as I am making chair arm covers in Tunisian crochet. I will photograph them when I have done so to be going on with I thought I would show you some Tunisian crochet.

This was one of those things where the buttons came first and the bag was made around them.
It has a delicious purple lining and was very easy to sell.

When you really want to try out new things and stitches and textures here is a way that ends up with something useful but you still get to do your experiments.

Treat this as a crochet puzzle and see if you can spot the tunisian panel in the spiral.

Finally my paranoia is showing again; one of the magazines (Simply Crochet) has a whole article on Bavarian crochet this month so it is a good place to find instructions if you want to try it.

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