Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Experiments with Texture and the Bavarian Rainbow

I have put aside the halloween stuff for a while because one of our best customers has asked for some covers for the arms of her sofa. Once again I have been experimenting, this time with texture since she wants only one colour.

I started with Bavarian as I had never tried it with one colour before but the yarn is too chunky and you get very large holes - I will try it with a finer yarn later because I do like the effect.

This is Tunisian with the same yarn, it give a lovely smooth texture that looks as if it has been woven. This is probably the one I will use for the finished object but I still want to try hairpin crochet with this thick yarn. So tonight I am going to wash my hair pins!

Finally Here is another incomplete project but one I really like. It is made in soft, 4ply, cotton so it  drapes very well.

I think this may end up as a cushion unless I feel really enthisiastic and make it into  a throw - unless you have any more suggestions.

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