Saturday, 20 July 2013

Yarn-licious day

I've had such an exciting and yarn filled day. It was a yarn shop day which always makes it a good one. I went today mostly to collect a pile of yarn for the next few projects but I did have a little squidge of some other gorgeous things - oh my!  To top off my day several packages of yarn arrived too and were waiting for me when I got home! Now I have piles and piles of delicious new yarn.  I couldn't be happier if the chocolate fairy had visited.

 This is a small sample of what I have in my workroom.  There is pure wool, mercerised cotton, alpaca/merino blend, acrylic ... you name it.

Over the next few weeks I hope to turn it into toys, blankets, motifs (both fine and chunky), a yoda-style dog jacket ... yes you read that right ..., gloves, amigurumi dogs.  I have yet to chose natural yarns for childrens' clothes and cotton for a skirt and a dress. The crochet business is booming!  Yay.

Oh yes ... and do you like my mum's spiders?

Victoria x

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