Friday, 26 July 2013

Wanted to share ...

Just a quickie from me to show you one of my finished objects this week.   

My boys broke up for the summer hols (God help us) on Wednesday.  Danny left year 2 and Benji left his Foundation class.  The Foundation class teacher, Mrs Burridge, has been brilliant. Both boys started their school careers with her and it couldn't have been better for them.  She is a marvel.  

As a family we wanted to do something to show how much we appreciated her work, professionalism and care so, knowing she is very proud of her Welsh roots, we decided to make her a Welsh dragon.  

I didn't have time to design the pattern myself and so started searching for one online.  I found the perfect pattern on Ravelry (Crochet Dragon by Golden Crochet) I needed to make a few changes.  Firstly, the Welsh dragon needed to be red and I wanted him to be a bit more 'comfortable' so decided not to stuff him so firmly.  I also wanted a bigger dragon she could sit in her classroom and so used 16ply and a 5mm hook to super-size him.  

I particularly like the way the design made in balls looks like cherries (Mrs Burridge's class is called Cherry Tree Class).  

I hope she liked him.

Victoria x

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