Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pigeons and Purses

Not much time for crocheting today because an exhausted racing pigeon landed in our garden. I have spent most of the day feeding and watering it and then protecting it while it slept. We have cats, sparrowhawks and foxes all of which would like a pigeon for tea. I have just gone outside and he/she has flown away so a happy ending I hope.
This is my newest crochet thing. I found the little clips on line and I have been trying to make them into useable purses.

The actual crocheted purse part was quite easy to work out but I found joining it to the clip very difficult at first and I tried several ways of doing it.

After much experimenting the last one is shown in the picture above.  Here I just back stitched the two together. I now feel confident enough to make purses to sell ( see our face book shop soon ) or to make kits for other people. The yarn that works best is multicoloured ribbon yarn with a hook that gives a dense fabric. I used a 4mm hook but this will depend on your crochet style.
As usual Vicky had some clever ideas to improve the project so I will be lining anymore that I make and she suggested the tiny bumble bee as well.

More experiments in crochet soon.

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