Saturday, 27 July 2013

Big brother and animal combos

Do you ever feel you are being watched? No I am not paranoid - at least I don't think so. What I mean is that I design make something I think is completely new, unique and original and then I find someone else has published a pattern for the same thing in a magazine or is selling it on e-bay. Don't get me wrong I find the crochet magazines really inspiring and I look forward to their publication each month but are they bugging my living room?
Anyway I have decide to try and make creatures that no one else will have thought of:

                                         An octo-owl or an owl-opus
I have converted two of his tentacles into wings and added a beak

A cat fish? I think these pictures make him look more like a bear fish but I still like him.

I will be doing more like this when time allows. Surely this is not going to be one on e-bay tomorrow - but you never know!!

Should go back to the commissions - a penguin and a family of moles. The penguin is easy but the moles are challenging since I want them to have big pink digging hands, a pink nose and a velvety black body. Will share the finished product here later this week.

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