Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Olympic Rings and Bavarian Rainbows

Crochet is beautiful, useful and versatile. I love the way you can make everything from exquisite tiny objects to huge things made from recycled t-shirts. I am constantly amazed that you can visualise a three dimensional object and then crochet it. I am retired now from a life of teaching science but every now and then my science head takes over and what I make is not really beautiful or even very useful. It is just the challenge of how can you do that using a crochet hook and some yarn. Today I heard someone talking about the anniversary of the olympics and that set me off -can you crochet rings? So here are some pictures of the experiment.

These were sewn up and stuffed to make these

Not too bad but room for improvement.

Having made them I have had all sorts of ideas as to what I can do with them: how about crocheting a vehicle, they would make lovely wheels, they could be a unique and safe stacking toy,  I can crochet noughts so can I crochet crosses and most importantly I can now crochet doughnuts. Let me know if you have any more ideas.

I also decided today that I had got stuck in a rut. I was off to buy more yarn to make Bavarian rainbows, convinced that I had to have double knitting but then I found these in my immense stash of yarn.

It is beautiful soft 4ply cotton. I am going to use this for my rainbow.

It is all so exciting, I wonder if I am the only person in England that hopes it will rain tomorrow so that I won't feel that I have to do some gardening and I will be able to stay inside and crochet!

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