Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Butterflies and Business Cards - oh and a Pink Octopus.

On the 10th of August Vicky and I have a pop-up stall at the Holme Grange Craft Village just outside Wokingham. So I decided to make some business cards for the day. In another post Vicky has explained that we give away a small motif with each card. Looking out of the window I could see that the garden has more butterflies in it than I have seen for years so the inspiration fairy hit.

Really easy to make but effective if you have some nice yarn. I used three ply variegated and a 2.5mm hook ( could perhaps have used a size smaller)

How to make a butterfly: Make a magic ring then into the ring (2ch, 2htr, 2ch, ss into the ring)
repeat this once more then (3ch, 3hdtr,3ch, ss into ring) repeat this once more. Draw the magic ring fairly tight and fasten off the ends.
To make the body: thread a needle with black yarn,working from thr right side towards the wrong side put the needle into the hole in the middle of the butterfly. Leave a long end to make the antennaa later. take the yarn twice tound the bottom of the butterfly between the small wings ( here comes the science this makes the abdomen) Then take the yarn once round the top of the creature frombetween the two large wings and back through the hole ( you now have the thorax - I bet you really wanted to know that) Finally tie the two ends of the thread together several times to make the head. Tie knots in each loose end and then cut off the surpluss yarn.

These are very sketchy instructions so please ask if you need clarification. You can now make lots of butterflies or if you can't be bothered go to our face book shop and order some.

Another thing I am going to use in our cards are these made by Vicky, from gorgeous mercerised cotton, with  lovely long ends for sewing them on to things.

and these:

Finally I finished the octopus pattern it is now being proof read and tested but will appear soon.
This is the octopus I made while I was writing the pattern

Isn't she cute? Lovely soft cotton and amazing big blue (safety) eyes. Do you know someone with eyes like this who would like her as a present? Look in our online shop.

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