Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rainbows Everywhere

If you know me you know about my love for colour so you can imagine how much I am enjoying the rainbow trend at the moment.  I get lost in galleries, blogs and collections of crochet images (for hours and hours if I'm not careful!) and here are some of the  lovely bright rainbows of little crocheted things I have collected onto my crochet Pinterest board ( ).  I am inspired ... penguins, I think :) 

Please pay the designers sites a visit and offer your praise or, even better, buy yourself a pattern or a cutey.

Aren't they gorgeous!  What's your favourite?  

Teeny Owls by Josephine Wu ( )

lots of work - wow!

Soooo Cute.  A clutch of kitties by Marlene Rodrigues ( )

Mouse Rainbow...can't help but smile!

Colourfull amigurumi turtels  (The link seems to be broken.  If anyone has an up-to-date link to the designer's stuff I'd be really grateful)

Rainbow Amigurumi Octopi - Stuffed Crocheted Toy

From DaffodilCorner ( )

monster rainbow diagram pattern...

Lady birds 1:


Lady birds 2:

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