Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rainbows Everywhere

If you know me you know about my love for colour so you can imagine how much I am enjoying the rainbow trend at the moment.  I get lost in galleries, blogs and collections of crochet images (for hours and hours if I'm not careful!) and here are some of the  lovely bright rainbows of little crocheted things I have collected onto my crochet Pinterest board ( ).  I am inspired ... penguins, I think :) 

Please pay the designers sites a visit and offer your praise or, even better, buy yourself a pattern or a cutey.

Aren't they gorgeous!  What's your favourite?  

Teeny Owls by Josephine Wu ( )

lots of work - wow!

Soooo Cute.  A clutch of kitties by Marlene Rodrigues ( )

Mouse Rainbow...can't help but smile!

Colourfull amigurumi turtels  (The link seems to be broken.  If anyone has an up-to-date link to the designer's stuff I'd be really grateful)

Rainbow Amigurumi Octopi - Stuffed Crocheted Toy

From DaffodilCorner ( )

monster rainbow diagram pattern...

Lady birds 1:


Lady birds 2:

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lessons Learned - being ruthless

I am new to selling my crochet and my patterns.  I have been selling casually for a few years but in a more organised way for only one (I know this because I am just renewing my public liability insurance ...)

This means I have a lot to learn.  I thought, a year on, I would share some of the observations, experiences, decisions and ideas my first year of selling has given me. 

Before I begin, I should say that I am in no way an expert.  I am a true beginner.  I don't know if what I've learnt is any good to anyone else or is in anyway good business.  I hope you read with interest but also read with discernment.

So here goes:


Some times you have to be a bit hard on yourself if you are making to sell.  When I was making just for me I would indulge in making exactly what I wanted (I still do but in my 'hobby' crochet time) - I can't do this now.  If I want to make money from my crochet I have to make what other people like.  I read all over that you should be 'true to yourself' and 'maintain your integrity' etc.  This is true.  I would never make anything I didn't like or appreciate.  However... and a big however ... I have learnt there has to be a compromise.  My taste is not necessarily a commercial taste.  I cannot be self-indulgent and make money.

Case-in-point:  When I first started to sell a few years ago I made a gorgeous hood/scarf.  I loved it.  It was made in Merino.  It was soft and chunky and scrumptious.  I still have that scarf.  No one else wants it.  I have reduced and reduced the price.  I have experimented with different ways to display it and promote it.  No one wants it.  I have had to come to terms with that.  So I am being ruthless - or should that be realistic? - it is taking up space and it is taking up yarn and it is never going to make any money.  Yesterday I started unpicking it.  It was a very hard decision.  I still love it.   

There is a down-side.  I feel bad that no-one appreciated my design.  I feel demotivated that all that work was for nothing.  But now I think with my business-head and my creative-head there are massive upsides.  I had a white-elephant but now I have more than 200g of gorgeous merino wool to play with (oops - work with) and, before I had even wound 50g of this I had a million ideas whizzing through my head about what it could become next.  I was inspired (and if you don't understand how a nice yarn can do that I'm guessing you don't knit, crochet or spin).

I am now decided to be more ruthless.  Over the next few months I will review the things I have for sale with a more critical eye and categorise them into "good sellers", "might sells" (for remarketing and then review) and "never sell" (to be upcycled, recycled ...etc)  It feels good!

I hope this is a useful waffling.  I have more to come :)