Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Looking for an experts' expert

I'm a bit frustrated.

I am a very, very good crocheter.  I can make anything I put my mind to.  I read and write patterns.  I can read and draw charts.  I can work without a pattern ... ...


 - I still want to learn.

Does anyone else wish that the crochet experts' expert would write a really advanced book?  Properly difficult stuff?

I would save up my whole year's crochet fund for an enormous, lovely read that was challenging, interesting and unusual.  

We have beginners' books by the thousand but nothing for the confident crocheter that I have found.  I would really love a text that gives little known and advanced techniques, original and difficult patterns, tricks for shaping and sizing, combining different forms of crochet and taking risks.  What about a world tour of crochet in different cultures and though out history?  Wouldn't that be fascinating?

I say 'book' because that is my preferred medium.  All glossy and gorgeous and smelling new.  However, any from would be ok.

Does anyone know of a person able to write this?  Would you be able to write it?  Would you love to read it?  What else would you like to learn from an experts' expert?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I'm so busy!  It's fantastic.  I always think if I was a plumber or a solicitor or a dentist and I worked this much I would make £1 million a year easy. 

The crochet I did for is up on their site, the cushions and blankets I have made for Sixpence are ready for market and Claire Montgomery's Fashion Crochet is finally published this month including my Yellow pineapple top pattern.  Phew!

I'm still getting lots of calls about knitting.  I like to knit but it just isn't crochet as far as I'm concerned.  I always try to convince people they'd prefer their object crocheted ... not always successfully.  Most recently I was sent a copy of a knitted gonk and asked if I could replicate something similar.  Here is my effort - cute or scary? Notice how I sneakily crocheted his accessories.

My mum and I are also busy getting ready for our Christmas fairs (fayres?).  We add to our usual catalogue with piles of decorations.  I'd love to post them all but there are far too many so I've opened up a facebook page and started my posts with the Christmas ornaments.  You are very welcome to go across and take a peek - just click here.  Please 'like' if you see anything good. Thanks.  I've had to post just one picture, though.  I'm not a good photographer and I've managed to make the cutest of penguins look absolutely psychotic.  This makes me laugh so much I've made it the wall paper on my laptop.  Cheers me up everytime I switch on.

My favourite of this year's seasonal stuff is my mum's mini kit for crocheters.  It is little snowflake/star designs and gives you everything you need (hook, yarn, pattern, beads, rings, brooch findings etc) to make the motifs and convert them into ornaments, brooches or a garland.  It all comes beautifully packaged in a glittery bag and she is charging less than £10.  I love it. It's not on Facebook but I've put it onto my Etsy shop for her.  Again, please go and have a look if you crochet or know someone who does.  It would make a lovely stocking filler.  The Etsy link is on the tab above.

I've got loads more news but I waffled too long so I'll save it for another day.  See you at Ally Pally if you're going!