Monday, 25 June 2012

Crochet inspiration ...

I was demonstrating crochet at a show this weekend.  My mum (and crochet mentor) was with me.  An elderly gentleman stopped with his grand-daughter to show her the crochet and we got chatting.

He told us that he was a long-time crocheter, having learnt when he was quite small.  He had made blankets for his grand-children when they were little but had not worked with a hook for a long time.  He was happy and inspired to see crochet again and hoped his grand-daughter might learn.

The best part of our conversation was a story he told us of his time in the Navy.  Before a tour of duty,  he used to advertise in national and local newspapers for yarn donations.  He would take the yarn and his hooks on board and, during his time at sea, teach the other sailors to crochet easy squares.  They would all make squares during their leisure time and he would sew them together into blankets.

When their tour was over and he was back on dry land, he would take the pile of blankets and offer them where they were most needed - some to charities, some to elderly people and some to poorer families with small children.

What a brilliant story!  I know that there are many knitters and crocheters who make things for the armed services.  Scarves, gloves etc.  But I haven't ever heard of things happening the other way round ... yet.


  1. What a wonderful way for them to direct their energy in rough times. Just a beautiful story!

  2. Isn't it? This is why crochet should happen in public - it encourages people to share their own experiences and stories.