Sunday, 27 May 2012

Places to crochet

2 Places I've visited where a crocheter could live happily:

Let's start with my absolute favourite ...

Wool in Dorset.  Not only is it a really pretty and quiet place but it is near the sea AND near monkey world.  I once left a little zebra amigurumi gift/mini-yarnbomb here :-)


Next is Hook in Hampshire.  Not far from where I grew up.  Another lovely town, although a bit bigger than Wool, with some gorgeous houses.  It is also surrounded by beautiful English countryside and more picturesque villages.  Who wouldn't dream of sitting under a tree on a summer's day, hook in hand .......


And here are some places I have yet to see but might do just as nicely:
  • Yarnton, Oxfordshire;
  • Woolstone, Oxfordshire;
  • Chain Hill, Wantage; 
  • Doiley Bottom, Hampshire;
  • Stitchcombe, Wiltshire;

Friday, 25 May 2012

Knot Crochet ....

Wahay!  I feel like it's the end of term.  The aran jumper is finally done!!  A real labour of love with a lot of fudging around a TERRIBLE pattern. I am very proud of it, despite a few little mistakes!!  It got very hot under all that wool towards the end, too.


What do  you think?