Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I'm getting lots of interest in the projects I've made in T-shirt yarn and along with this have come loads of questions.

I love Tarn.  It is bright and soft and so chunky really big projects can be finished in such a short time.

I'm going to try to clear up the most common queries all in one go:
  • I do make my own yarn but only if I have to.  All of the finished objects you will see on-line are made in Hoopla Tarn.  Using tarn upcycled on an industrial scale by someone else is more expensive but it means that I can easily get hold of a lot of a single colour.  This is much more difficult when making your own from old shirts and I like to think I'm encouraging big business to use something that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • I do take commissions - gladly.  If you'd like something made - small and handy or on a grand scale - just use the contact email ( to let me know what you'd like and I'll get back to you to.
  • I do sell finished objects.  Check out my shop (link on the right ->) to see what is currently available.
  • Not everything you see here is made by me.  My mum is also a crocheter and a lot of the work is hers.  Click on the Tarn tab above to see more examples - I've captioned them Victoria (me) or Lynn (Mum).
  • I do have patterns.  I have put a list below.  For the free patterns just drop me an email at the above address.  For the others, just make your way to my shop to purchase.  Keep checking back - there are more on the way.
  • I am happy to give lessons online - yes!  Again, email me to discuss details.
  • YES!  OH, YES! It can make your hand or even your whole arm ache.  I find this only happens if I am crocheting a tight fabric.  To loosen the fabric shift up a hook size or two.  I haven't found a way to avoid arm ache when using multiple strands and giant hooks but it is a good workout :-)
  • The size of the hook I use varies.  Everything from a 7mm or 8mm to make tight/solid fabric - perfect for bowls and baskets - to giant hooks for multiple strands.  Most people find a 12mm the most comfortable.
  • It is lovely for knitting too.  I don't knit as often as I crochet so I am a little biased but I have used it with needles and it works brilliantly.
I think I've covered the most common questions.  If you have any others just ask in the comment box below or email me directly.  Always happy to help.

Available Patterns

To purchase: 

    iPhone Sling

Spiral Rug

Whoopeeeeee!  For Freeeeeeeee:

Little Baskets!

Bag for Life

Bowl Bag

Five Minute Flowers
Giant Snowflake


  1. I just wanted to let you know that you have an award (from me) - go to to find out more!

  2. I didn't know you could buy tarn, thanks for the information.