Friday, 2 March 2012

Crocheter in a pickle ...

Well ...   I've sort of landed myself with a proper pickle.  A lady has asked me to mend a baby blanket she borrowed from a friend.  She said it was crochet and sent it.  It has arrived and ... it's knitted.

 I am a very confident and (I hope) competent crocheter but my knitting is, at best, intermediate.  I've been trying to mend the blanket and I can figure out most of the stitches, I believe, but not all of them and not how they fit together.  It doesn't seem to be  a terrifically hard pattern and I'm hoping someone with more experience than me will be able to sort it out quite easily ... :-s

Soooooo, I'm looking for a brilliant knitter who can look at the photos below and extract a pattern repeat for me.  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do the rest.  (There's a bit of the edging that's damaged too now I look at it ... Bugger!  No picture of that, yet.)

Anyway, if you can help you are the most wonderful person the world had ever known, flowers will open where you tread, birds will sing your name, the very sun will shine from you ... and I'll be grateful.

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