Monday, 2 January 2012

January 2nd

Just a quickie to post my Granny a Day square.  I call this one Battenburg for obvious reasons!  It is made of two of the same yarns from yesterday (the quality of my camera doesn't pick them out).  There is a cerise acrylic and a varigated wool/acrylic blend in cerise, brown and green.  The big square is made up of 4 small squares.  Each of which is a 2 round solid granny square.

Foundation:  4ch ring
Round 1:  (3 treble + 2ch) x4
Round 2: 1 treble in each treble below and 2tr + 2ch +2tr in each corner

I could have joined them as I went but I like the look of the whip stitch and they're only little so I went with that.  I'm not a big sewer but I don't mind a little bit now and then !!!...!!!


  1. I love the way that the variegated yarn adds extra pop to the design!

  2. Brilliant ! My fave cake and a great square :)