Sunday, 1 January 2012


My First Thought This Year:

I remember being at school and thinking about being 30.  It would be in the year 2000 and it felt like it was too far in the future to ever happen!  I was 12 then.  It is now 12 years since I was 30!!  Not relevant to my crochet or crafting ... but a thought that keeps buzzing around my head. It makes me feel that I have to make a lot of this year.  I will be 42 (as every sci-fi geek knows, the number that is the answer to life, the Universe and everything), my DF Stu will be 40 and my Grandfather will be 90.  Both my parents are retiring from work and both my children will be in full-time education before the year ends.  It is going to be a year of excitement and change.  I can't wait...

Ok - Crochet!  I keep saying it, but I do intend to blog more regularly.  Partly to help this but, mostly, for the challenge I have signed up for the 'Granny a Day' CAL (link to the right ->).  If I do nothing else, I'm going to post a picture of each granny square as it comes off the hook.   I have decided to go random.  As many different squares as possible using up as much odd stash yarn as possible.  I can't decide whether to connect as I go or wait until the end until I can play around with the placement of each.  Hmmmmm ...

Here is today's (apologies for the picture, my camera is ... well, I'd like a new one!):

It is a 4 round granny with a ch4 foundation ring.  I have used 3 yarns:  2 acrylic and one (I think) is a wool/acrylic blend.  It is a bit wobbly around the edges because the yarns are of different gauges and the first two rounds are round rather than square - I will block it ... probably.

Round 1 is made up of 12 double trebles separated from each other by 1ch.
Round 2 is 1 bobble (made of 5 trebles) in each space and 1ch between each bobble
Round 3 is 1 cluster (3 trebles for each) in each space separated by 1ch except in every 3rd space where there are 2 clusters separated by 2ch to form the corners
Round 4 uses round 2 yarn again and is simply 1 double in each stitch and 2doubles-1ch-2doubles in each corner.

Wahay, 2012 is underway.  The crochet fun has started.   If I've won the lottery this could be the perfect beginning!

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