Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Jan 4th

Here's my grannies.  One for yesterday and one for today.

First is a traditional square (3 rounds) with 12 satelllite mini squares around the edge.  The mini square are just the first round of the larger square x12.  I used the same yarns as days 1 and 2.

I've changed colourse for the second (I get bored easily!).  There are 4 colours this time.  3 acrylic dk and one, slightly thicker, old, old wool in dark green I found at the back of my shelves. 

The square starts with a large loop made with 6ch foundation.  The stitches are simply half-trebles rather than trebles so that I could fit in more rounds and are positioned between the stitches below rather than into them to give the spikey effect.

Round 1 is (2htr then 2ch) x 4

After that I have put one stitch between each pair of stitches along the straights and varied the corners to compensate for the different  gauges of the yarn and keep the square flat.  They are either 2htr, 2ch, 2htr or 1htr, 2ch, 1htr.  The final round just has 3htr in each corner.

Sorry the pic is a bit blurred ... low light, shakey hand, poor camera ...

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