Saturday, 10 September 2011

Micro- Crochet

Mini, micro, tiny ...

I'm loving tiny crochet at the moment.  My love affair started with something I saw on Etsy (but more of that later) and I've been browsing to find more examples.  If you make teensy teeny weeny things PLEEEEASE post some pics or links.  I am in awe of the tiny, accurate stitches and the skill and patience that must go into these creations.  I am also itching to have a go and have put micro-crochet on my to-do list ... any tips gratefully received.  Watch this space for my first attempts in the weeks to come.

In the mean-time, here are some examples worth a look:

1    Really cute Winnie the Pooh but my favourites are the tiny yellow ducky and the gingerbread man. Featured on Dolls House Minatures Sites.

2   More dolls house stuff - this time there are patterns!

3   This is where I started with micro-crochet (NB link on Blog does not go to Etsy).  I absolutely adore the work here.  It is AMAZING.  The best thing I've ever seen is the minature whale - it actually has a water spout! - but there are so many brilliant pieces it is so difficult to pick out the best selection.  I highly, highly recommend browsing their Etsy shop.

4. This crocheter specialises in in small mice

5.  A flicker stream of tiny dolls - I recommend page five for the Wizard of Oz - Oh yes!

This all led me into the parallel world of knitting.  Are there mini-knits to match the mini-crochets???  Why yes, of course there are!  In fact, much much more than there is for crochet.  Behold!

There are even patterns here ..  I think I might have to knit a  fisherman's cardigan.
7.  This was a real find.  A whole index of mini-knit sites:

and the youtube video of the knitting of Coraline's jumper.  Wow!

  • That yarn the Coraline knitter is using isn't even fine for most thread-work crocheters - in fact some would count it as quite a thick yarn.  So is there more micro-knit because it is less fiddly than micro-crochet? 
  • Having said that, the equipment for tiny crochet is much more readily available - I have some tiny antique hooks in my own collection - some so small that it is hard to tell there is a hook there.  Why don't more crocheters use their thread hooks to make teeny, tiny things?  I do some thread work but have never used the tiniest hooks - they will now have a job of work because I intend to have a go!!  Join me and post your creations.


  1. You must have to start this when your eyes are young!! I don't think I could do this at 54!

  2. Patience and a magnifying glass as standard I would think. :)