Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday 22nd August

I'm terrible at this blog-thing, aren't I?  I keep forgetting to write and when I sit down I can't remember what I was going to say!!!  Well, the new school year approaches and I am making my New Year's Resolution to blog more.  (Hopefully it will last a bit longer than January's resolutions!)

I wanted to give a big congratulatory shout out to Joanna - my iGCSE student who took both English First Language and English Literature this summer.  She came out with 100% in both examinations and is now making her way to England to start her A level courses at a school here.  Wahay!!!  I am sooooooo thrilled for her.  This leaves me with a space in my tuition timetable ... if you know anyone who would like on-line English tuition, just let me know.

As far as the crochet goes... well, it is so busy and so exciting!  As usual, I have more ideas than time and have been a good girl by locking my laptop away in the evenings so that I can devote the time to crochet and painting.  I'm still way behind on my pattern writing, though!

I am looking forward to the next few months.  I am going to be at Ally Pally with the Hoopla team again.  I love days at these big events.  Loads of chat, loads of fun and absolutely LOADS of yarn.  I'm just about to set up a gallery here of Hoopla/Tarn ideas.  I don't make any money from the company - just work as a crochet consultant so I'm not trying to sell you anything, honest!  I have a Hoopla design coming up in Inside Crochet so keep an eye out.  Until then, here are two mats my mum made recently!  I just love the colours.  She's amazing.

As for me, I've been working on a scumble project (more on that when I've finished) and just going hat crazy.  I'm going back through stash yarn and finding fun colours and textures to see how they work into hat designs.    I'll put a few pix below.  The best is the purple fluffy one in a crazy yarn.  I have no idea what it is because its bands were missing but its such fun.

Strange that these are all acrylics - I usually use them for more artistic projects and keep the more expensive natural fibres for snuggly stuff.   There is nothing like the feel of a natural fibre or the texture of a hand-spun yarn (oooh  I meant to point you towards an Etsy spinner:  RebekkaLeigh -look her up, you won't be disappointed.  Her yarn is unusual and beautiful.)  I've been using some lovely merino for hoods and scarves.

Anyway, a quick up-date and a long waffle!

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