Sunday, 1 May 2011

Free Hoopla Pattern - Little Basket!

Little Basket - A very easy pattern

An 8mm hook is recommended – move up to a larger size if your work is too solid or stiff

You will need 1 bobbin of Hoopla yarn in a colour of your choice. It is recommended that you choose the cotton/lycra mix rather than the less stretchy cotton yarn.

In order to complete this project you will need to know how to create the following stitches.  Instructions are included at the end of this pattern:

Chain stitch (ch)

Double crochet (dc)

Slip stitch (sl st)

Magic Circle or Magic Loop (MC)

This pattern is written with UK stitch notation.

The Base

1.      Start with EITHER 4 ch joined with a sl st to form a ring OR a MC

2.      Round 1:             If working into a 4 ch ring : ch 1, make 7 dc into your ring

If working into a MC: make 8 dc into the circle and pull your circle tight

3.      join with sl st to first ch

For the rest of the base you be working in a spiral so you will not need to join at the end of each round.

It might help you to mark the first stitch of this round with a stitch marker or a piece of contrasting yarn.  As you reach the marker move it up to the first stitch of the next round so that you will always know where you are. 

Work into the back loop of the stitch from this point onwards. 

4.      Round 2:  ch 1, 1dc in same st,

5.      2dc in each st round,

6.      Round 3: 1dc in 1st ch stitch of last round,

7.      2dc in next st,

8.      Repeat step 6 and 7 round

9.      Round 4: 1dc in 1st stitch of last round, 1 dc in same st, 1 dc in each of next 2 sts,

10. 2dc in next st, 1 dc in each of next 2 sts,

11. Repeat step 10 round

12. Round 5:  Repeat round 4 (steps 9,10 and 11) until you have 2 sts remaining

13. 1dc in each of 2 remaining sts

14. To finish the spiral:  miss 1 st and dc in the next st, sl st into next st

15. You should have 41 st around

The Sides

16. Round 6:  ch 1, 1dc in the back loop of each st round

17. join to first ch with sl st 

Stop working in the back loop and work in the whole stitch from this point onwards 

18. Round 7: ch2

19. Miss 1 st, dc in next st, ch 1

20. Repeat step 19 round and join with sl st into ch 2 space

21. Round 8: ch2

22. dc in 1ch loop, ch 1

23. Repeat step 23 round and join with sl st into ch 2 space

24. Round 9 onwards:  repeat round 8 three  more times

25. You should still have 42 sts around
The Handle
1.      Ch 20
2.      Miss 20 st around top edge of basked and join with a sl st
3.      1dc into next st on edge of basket
4.      24 dc around the handle chain and join to the opposite edge of the basket with a sl st
5.      Sl st in the st where your handle started and dc in the next st
6.      20 dc around the handle chain. Make these sts on the opposite side and make one in between each of your first row of 20dc so that they overlap
7.      Join with a sl st to the edge of the basket
8.      Finish off by cutting yarn and sewing in the tail end securely. Don’t forget to sew in the beginning tail end very firmly too.


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