Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thursday 3rd February 2011

Today I have been so fed up with moaners and whingers.  So I'm going to celebrate the best of the good stuff and ignore the whiners!!  

Below are pictures of my boys - what isn't to love about my two cutie blondies? (Yes, I know.  I'm a little biased).  And beyond that are close ups of my two favourite projects ever.  A blue scumble bag - all beady and gorgeous - and a tunisian crochet cushion cover in green yarn and ribbon. 

My funny -boy Benji

Work and home.  That covers both.  And yes, to all you negative ninnies, I love both!!  They make me very happy.

My serious -boy Danny

Want to join me in my celebration?  Let me know what brings you joy and pride.    I'd be honoured to be part of the best of your good stuff.

Danny and Ben just letting you know: not much matters if you've got a big pile of leaves!

Tunisian Cushion Cover - Soft and Tranquil


I love to have a scumble...
Free-form bag.  I am very proud of this piece.

I feel better now :)

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  1. I LOVE the blue bag! Sorry you've been having a bad day - but this post has cheered me up so I hope you are feeling better too!