Saturday, 1 January 2011

January 1st 2011


I've been so busy I haven't blogged for ages.    I've got about a million WIPs, 2 urgent commissions to finish this week, 3 new tutees and a new job!  This week we started with Christmas, has my Ben's 3rd Birthday on 29th and survived New Year.  Today I've got the inevitable headache :-(  Better to be busy than idle, though.

Best day of 2010 has to be my 40th birthday.  Stu took me to feed the penguins and, because it was so cold and so few people were at Bird World, I was allowed right into the enclosure and onto the island in the middle of their pond.  I have loved penguins all my life!!  Who can't sympathise with creatures that are so confident and expert in one area of their life (water) yet bizarre, comical and clumsy in another (land).  That is exactly how I feel.  
These pictures also served to remind me to get my roots done!!  An amazing experince and I highly recommend it if your local wild life park offer the opportunity.

2010 was a particularly difficult year for many reasons so here's to a much improved 2011.  I'm looking forward to it - BRING IT ON!!

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