Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wednesday November 10 2010

Woven like a giant friendship bracelet

Five-minute Flowers

I have been working very hard.  Sooooooooooo many projects.  AND when I woke up this morning and tried to drag a bush through my hair I discovered someone had been busy felting it as I slept!

Brim Hat/Sun Visor
This fabric is just so summery

I'm becoming more and more excited by this Hoopla Yarn.  I've been playing around as you can see from the pics.   (oh, by the way - excuse my crappy photography and the horrific state of my studio floor!)

The first of a set of protective mats for the dining table

It's so easy to work with and grows really fast.  I love my new crochet hook pot - I didn't need to stiffen it in any way, it just stands like that.  Isn't it amazing? 


Bag for life.  Shopper or Beach bag

Very Happy Hooks

 I can't stop thinking and I've got a sketch book full of brilliant ideas.  It's really brought out the inventor in me.  Watch this space ...

Knotted Scarf

Is it ok to eat pink snow?

1 Bobbin Barrel Bag

Anybody else got any new and marvellous yarns they're working with?  I'm in the mood to innovate.


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