Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thursday November 4th 2010


What is wrong with the world???  I've been desperate to sell things to people.  I really want to make a career out of this and I'm working my bottom off!  I finally get a decent order and it's from someone who doesn't understand hand-made goods.  I think we've all lived in a speedy factory produced world for too long.  C'mon fellow crafters/artists, you must be with me.  IT TAKES TIME TO PRODUCE SOMETHING.  I've just has someone ask for 300 crocheted wall hangings.  300!!!!  That would take about 30 years to make.  They've seen my site and ordered 300 of a OOAK item.  I'm dumbfounded (and a bit disappointed - if I could stop time, I could make my fortune).  Oh well...  I'd best compose an email explaining politely why it will be impossible to supply him. AAAAAAARRRRGGGHH.  Life is just a little unfair :-(

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  1. sounds like that person wanted to re-sell the banners? A lot of people do NOT understand how timeconsuming any kind of hand-made objects can be. I also cross stitch, so I can understand your feelings exactly. ;)