Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wednesday November 24th 2010

Well, I have very few days left in my 30s!  The big 40 on Saturday - ho hum!  Very down. Boooooooooooooo.

Cheering myself up with A LOT of creativity.  The granny blanket is coming on nicely and I now have 78 out of 96 motifs - phew!  Ground to a halt as I am waiting for more yarn to arrive, though, so I'm having to take a break from it for a bit.  The only issue being that when I'm sent the yarn to finish this blanket I'll also receive the yarn to start the next one ..... Blimey!  I'll be seeing granny squares in my sleep.  The more observant of you will notice in my pictures that I have haven't be sewing my tail-ends in as I go.  I was just so focused on crochet...crochet...crochet and I'm regretting it already; it's going to be a huge job. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

Yarn arrived for thigh-highs and matching thong.  Nice sultry colours as the client ordered.  Going to indulge myself with a bit of a crochet/knit hybrid and it's tonight's job to get the design sketched out.  Quite looking forward to it but quite anxious at the same time.  It's very daunting to make something as complex as socks for someone who is thousands of miles away.  Good job there's a tight dead-line so I haven't got time to fret about it - I've just got to get on and see what happens.   However, if you are an expert sock maker,  I really would be grateful for any hints or tips you have.

Final piece of news for today is that the new lot of Hoopla Yarn arrived.  I've got some really exciting ideas for it so watch this space.  Also got something else in mind that is going to be fantastic fun but my lips are sealed for now.  Got to sort a few things out first.

Ok woman!  Stop typing and start designing.  These socks are not going to make themselves.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wednesday 17th November 2010

I think I may have taken on too much work!!   Enjoying the pressure though and it's a hell of a lot better than not having enough to do...

Having a real problem finding yarn for a stocking project and running close to the wind as far as timing is concerned.  I think I've looked at every sock, fingering and 4ply on the  net.  My LYS is tiny and so no joy there.  Can anyone baby sit so that I can head a bit further afield?  Ben is going through his terrible twos (and indulging himself in the process) so it's quite a job but I'd throw in a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea!!  Gotta be worth it to someone.

Spending most time working on a set of pictoral instructions for a cart wheel granny square blanket.  Thought you might like to have a look at how it's going - criticisms gratefully received.

 The Yarn Colour Selection

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wednesday November 10 2010

Woven like a giant friendship bracelet

Five-minute Flowers

I have been working very hard.  Sooooooooooo many projects.  AND when I woke up this morning and tried to drag a bush through my hair I discovered someone had been busy felting it as I slept!

Brim Hat/Sun Visor
This fabric is just so summery

I'm becoming more and more excited by this Hoopla Yarn.  I've been playing around as you can see from the pics.   (oh, by the way - excuse my crappy photography and the horrific state of my studio floor!)

The first of a set of protective mats for the dining table

It's so easy to work with and grows really fast.  I love my new crochet hook pot - I didn't need to stiffen it in any way, it just stands like that.  Isn't it amazing? 


Bag for life.  Shopper or Beach bag

Very Happy Hooks

 I can't stop thinking and I've got a sketch book full of brilliant ideas.  It's really brought out the inventor in me.  Watch this space ...

Knotted Scarf

Is it ok to eat pink snow?

1 Bobbin Barrel Bag

Anybody else got any new and marvellous yarns they're working with?  I'm in the mood to innovate.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thursday November 4th 2010


What is wrong with the world???  I've been desperate to sell things to people.  I really want to make a career out of this and I'm working my bottom off!  I finally get a decent order and it's from someone who doesn't understand hand-made goods.  I think we've all lived in a speedy factory produced world for too long.  C'mon fellow crafters/artists, you must be with me.  IT TAKES TIME TO PRODUCE SOMETHING.  I've just has someone ask for 300 crocheted wall hangings.  300!!!!  That would take about 30 years to make.  They've seen my site and ordered 300 of a OOAK item.  I'm dumbfounded (and a bit disappointed - if I could stop time, I could make my fortune).  Oh well...  I'd best compose an email explaining politely why it will be impossible to supply him. AAAAAAARRRRGGGHH.  Life is just a little unfair :-(