Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday October 28th 2010

It's nearly Halloween!!!  Time has flown by this year. 

Hoopla Yarn and a couple of my 5 minute Flowers

I'm still having fun playing around with the Hoopla yarn.  It's sort of like crocheting with quite a few threads at once.  I really love the shapes it makes because it's more solid than more fibrous yans.  I've been making bags and mats and flowers.  I highly recommend it.  It's only £4.95 for 500gms!  500gms is enough to make a reasonable size mat, a small handbag or loads of flowers!  I'm going to look into getting some wholesale to sell on my site, I think.  It's going to be popular with crafters, I'm sure.

Peek-a-boo Dark Blue Beanie

Lavendar beanie/cloche thingy

Today is not a good day, however!  I am job hunting and I hate it.  Everything I want to do is too badly paid to pay the bills and anything I am qualified for and pays enough just seems like slavery.  I'm feeling a little bit desperate - so if anyone knows of anybody looking for a middle-aged English teacher who would prefer to have a short break from teaching.  Hard working, creative, grammatically correct!  Gis' a job!

Girly Camouflage!

Soft but masculine beanie

On the brighter side the brief and the yarn arrived from, so I'm putting together my instructions and photos for the granny square blanket.  They're in a hurry so I'm using that as an excuse to have a break from job hunting.  I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm not really a photographer.  I can never get the lighting right for important pics that need to impress.  I'm ok with snapshots but and my Etsy shop are both riddled with ordinary photography.  Need some lessons.  I'll put that on the todo list ... ... ...

MY FAV!  Sparkly, stripy, bobbly!!!

From the back

Whipped up a few winter warmers recently, too.  Took preliminary pics of them too.  Loads of lovely hats.  Here's a selection for your criticism.  Hats have always been far and away my best seller.

Time for a cuppa!

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