Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday October 17 2010

I found some hilariously funny vintage crochet patterns this week.  I've put some onto the website so that you can share, or maybe even buy them!  I've got more to go on tonight ... if I get the time.  Here is an image of my favourite (to be fair, most of the others could be lovely if they weren't photographed in a tasteless 70s scene!) 

Look Stylish in this Yellow Trouser and Tunic Set!

I can hardly resist making one.  I think I need to do so as a joke present for a mate.  I'll parcel it up for Christmas and act all serious about how long it took to make and how I made it just for her.  Don't know if I'll get away with insisting she wear it out.  Hmmmm?  Could be a good Christmas.

The other thing I found this week in amongst all the pictures was some crochet furniture.  I love this modern take on crochet and I thought it was completely innovative and orignal and yet I also find some in the 1970s back catalogue!!  Is there nothing new?



Admittedly the contemporary version is a bit more stylish but that might be just a matter of changing tastes.

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