Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday October 2nd 2010

READY, STEADY GO!!! Busy, busy, busy weekend.  Both my mun and Stu's mum have birthdays and so we have lots of visiting and celebrating to do.  Everything else on hold until Sunday evening.

My doiley is back to the round it was before the major unpicking so I'm starting to feel a bit better about that.  Had several hours of 'oh b*gger!  I give up' but back on track with a bit of ruffling up - I'm going to attempt tightening with a tight round of doubles (watch this space to see if THAT works).

Last night, as a relief from the tiny doiley hook, I started the first of the winter hats.  Lovely mauves and lilacs.  I can't decide whether to leave it plain or put something pretty on it.  I'm going to have a surf later and see what people like at the moment.

Ok - gotta wrap prezzies and get the kids in the car.   Let the partying commence ...

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