Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday September 19th 2010

It begins...
This is my first proper blog and I'm actually a bit nervous about having enough to say.  Well, we'll see...

a doily at the scene today

Making doilies for a wedding at the moment.  Gotta get 20 2ft lacey doilies crocheted by Christmas - I'll be seeing them in my sleep.  Really quite enjoying it, though.  Strangely satisfying things to make because it's difficult to create one that doesn't end up beautiful.  I've never much been a fan of frilly, old fashioned crochet but I am being converted, I think.  I've even been perusing the vintage crochet sites.

Another doily, yesterday


Right back to work ...

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  1. I saw your comment on Ravelry, and wanted to say you're doing an excellent job with the doilies!
    What weight thread are you using?
    Well done on the blog!