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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Is this Free-form Crochet?

A lady e-mailed Vicky the other day and said how much she liked our free-form crochet. I have shared a lot of the traditional type free form that we have done but when I think about it much of what we do could be considered free-form

This is a perfect example: when I made the mice I didn't
have a
this is my favourite
pattern but I really thought I was making the same creature but in different colours but there are fat ones, thin ones, happy ones and bewildered ones and yes one of them even turned into a rabbit. I wonder if this is actually the true meaning of free-form.

Want to make mice?
Mum's pattern is available here and a full kit here.
 Portuguese yarn made into a cowl again no pattern. I made this in Portugal but didn't buy quite enough yarn so I just had to go back to the yarn shop!!!!The free from bit was making a thing to fit the yarn rather than the other way round.
 Close up of the yarn

 Two more little eye pads again making it up as I went along. I like the one above because I have worked out how to attach the crochet to a pad with a flap the keeps the book closed.

 Using up scraps of yarn to make little brooches or pins.
Vicky is doing a little hexagons  crochet along blanket, the crochet group I belong to is also doing a CAL blanket so I though I would join in. Trouble is my free-form head took over so I am only crocheting along with me. The inspiration for this was the 400 balls of yarn that Graham bought and the CAL that the Barkham Hookers are doing. The free form bit is me thinking I wonder what would happen if you did..... Anyway even though it is not a conventional free-form I like the results so far. Though perhaps not as much as the usual free-form.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Crochet in, on and around Portugal

Graham sitting in a yarn bombed tree

Portugal: I love the climate, the beaches. the wine, the oranges and the fish ( especially the sardines ) and the cheap meat and wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables but if  I am honest I love most the total dedication to craft, in particular crochet. In every town there are at least two shops dedicated to yarn and hooks, beads, ribbons and findings. Next time I go I am taking an empty suitcase to fill with cheap and beautiful yarn.

These are more of the trees that had been beautifully dressed in crochet or knitting.

I saw patios hung with flowers made from plastic water bottles and women crocheting or embroidering in the cafes and bars.
Not to be out done when I found that the wine was making red rings on the table I made some coasters:

I made dish cloths to help with the washing up. They were well used as you can see.

When I was finding beach combing difficult because of the wind I made a hair band to keep my hair out of my eyes. I also made bracelets for the daughter of  lady who cleaned our apartment So as you can see I did not forget how to crochet. I  thoroughly recommend the country and the people of Portugal.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Free mini heart crochet pattern for Valentine's ... with love


A quicky, one-row pattern as my Valentine's for you.

These are my favs.  They are teeny and so quick which makes them brilliant as table confetti for a romantic meal, card-toppers, embellishments for a love-themed scrap-book page, applique ... you name it.

I know there are many versions of these cute, little hearts.  Like Granny squares, everyone has their own way of making them. This is mine:

I have used small scraps of yarn from my thread and cotton stash in various pinks and reds.

The larger heart (pictured) is in Debbie Bliss DK Cotton which is quite thick.  There is also a vintage Jaeger in DK but a slightly thinner gauge.  I've used 3 colours of my fav cotton - 4ply from Yeoman's yarns (if you use lots of cotton thread for crochet and you haven't discovered Yeoman's can I recommend it?  I have no affiliation and came across it when a client sent me some cones for a commission.  Loads of bright colours in 4ply and DK and on massive cones.)  Then there is some mercerised cotton thread - very old stuff - from Anchor for the really tiny hearts.

I used a 3.5mm hook for the DK, a 3mm hook for the 4ply and a 1.5mm hook for the thread.

Ha!  That introduction is longer than the pattern.

Pattern (in UK terms):

Start with a magic circle/loop/ring.

3ch, into the ring make [5tr, 1dtr, 5tr], 3ch, slst into the ring, cut yarn and pull ring tight, hide harn ends in back of heart.  Done!  Simple.

Pattern (in US terms):

Start with a magic circle/loop/ring.

3ch, into the ring make [5dc, 1tr, 5dc], 3ch, ss into the ring, cut yarn and pull ring tight, hide yarn ends in back of heat.  Done!  Simple.

If you find your point isn't pointy enough just give it a gentle pull.


Victoria x

Monday, 2 February 2015

End of January CAL

Time for a quick update on my baby hexagons CAL.

I am on almost target still. (I know!  It's some kind of miracle)  I think it helps that they are so quick to make and I can fit one it while I break for a cuppa or as I start/finish work for the day.

I've finished my first coloured row of 16 reds and added a row of 15 neutrals.  As  you can see, I'm not worrying about the gauge of the yarn.  I'm using a 3.5mm hook for every motif but the yarns vary greatly and so does the size of some of the motifs.  I quite like the randomness and I'm embracing the chaos (within my design of course - he he!)

Next row of motifs will be orange.  My stash is all sorted by colour to make freeforming easy - this is my orange drawer.  Apologies for the mess :-)  I will dive in and pick my favs tomorrow.

Are you joining in?  It's not too late and it's a really great stash-buster if you have too much yarn or a way to use up odd ends that you can't bear to throw out.  Head over to Crochet Ali's blog for the pattern.

Victoria x

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crochet Bags and Huge amounts of Yarn

One of the things I often mention here is how good our family are at helping Vicky and I in our craft endeavors. Here is yet another example:

Graham bought a 'little bit of yarn' - getting on for 400 balls - so I have been trying it out with a view to writing patterns for kits.

I am pleased with the hat, crocheted as a tube from the top down.

Smallish bag based on a circle of dc and then straight up using trebles.

Same yarn gives a completely different feel when each colour is separated by the cream. Interesting effect created by using half trebles. then using the back loop only and always going in the same direction.
 When I make things by going round and round I always seem to have an ugly seam or the colours don't line up so these flowers are a disguise for the join! The plastic handles were crocheted on.

 Rumour has it that soon shops will not be giving free plastic carrier bags (a move I approve of ), so I have started to make my own version of bags for life. They look quite good and hold quite a lot because of the stretchy nature of crochet. They really need a good firm bottom though ( don't we all?)

 This one is a really good way of using up yarn of all different thicknesses and types. I made it using 5 different balls of fairly fine yarn at once.

I think I might road test this one by taking it on holiday with me for the next few weeks.
Back soon bearing lots of Portuguese wool I expect.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Baby Hexagons CAL

Exciting news.  I am going to join  Crochet Ali with her yearly CAL.  If you haven't seen what she does pop over to her blog.  Over the last few years she's done 'A Granny-a-day', a flowery square and triangles to create beautiful blankets.  This year she is inspiring us to make a baby hexagon motif each day.

Now ... I have tried to join in before and I'm absolutely terrible at keeping up but this year I am determined to bust my stash down to virtually nothing (so that I have room to buy loads more yarn ... of course!) and this is the ideal project to make a dent in it all.

The pattern is here: BABY HEXAGON CAL

I've modified the pattern slightly for my hexagons (hope you don't mind, Ali).  I'm adding a final round:  1dc in each st and each space but 2dc in each corner.  This lets me join using my favourite whip stitch method and have a clean border.  I know Ali is a great advocate for join-as-you-go and her method will save you lots of sewing in ends and loads of time.

My design plans so far:  I'm not going to do a hexagon for every day.  I plan to do 22 rows of 16 motifs which is only 352 hexagons.  This will give me some leeway to be lazy ... I'm already behind :-(  but also gives a nice size blanket.

My stash is sorted by colour because I like to freeform and use it as if it were a paint pallette.  I'm going to use this to my advantage and pick a drawer at a time to create stripes.  I've started with reds.  I intend to alternate a colour with a neutral and, seeing as I've started with red, might make my colours into a rainbow ... we'll see.

Join me and challenge yourself to use up some of your scraps to make something beautiful?  I'll post progress ... irregularly probably... and would love to see yours.

These first photos were taken on day 8 when I was still on target.  It is day 22 now and I've got 18 motifs so far so some catching up to do this weekend.

Victoria x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Other peoples patterns - bracelets and flowers.

Most of the time I crochet by visualising a shape or a pattern and then trying to make it. Of course, I spend quite a bit of time undoing and trying again but I suppose this is why I like free form. However this week I have been using other peoples patterns and they are very good and easy to follow.

 We go to one summer fayre where there are lots of children who like to buy pretty things and so we try to make small things that they can afford. This is my first attempt at bracelets but they are stiff and difficult to block and what is more I can't get the beads to line up.
 So then I found an article on beading in 'Inside Crochet' magazine ( issue 21) accompanying the article is a pattern for turkish loveknot bracelets. They are lovely and light and flexible and very quick and easy to make, which will keep the costs down.

To be truthful they also use up some of my immense stash of beads which is another huge tick in their favour.

 Then with valentines day in mind I have been having fun making and decorating hearts from a free pattern .

Couldn't decide which picture, neither is of a very high quality.

 I think I have discovered why I like thee hearts - they look just like macarons ( macaroons? ) from the side. The examples below are made from much thicker yarn but the pattern works just as well.

Both of these patterns are excellent. For me, it is not as much fun as making it up as you go along but deciding how to decorate the hearts or which thread and which beads go together for the bracelets is almost as satisfying.