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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

More Free Form and Baubles

Another fair at the Queen Anne Hotel in Wokingham this Saturday so I am very busy. The thing we struggle most with is pricing, I know we must cover cost of material but if we also pay ourselves a proper wage we would sell almost nothing because the prices would be so high.
Anyway in spite of sorting and trying to price things I have made a few new things:

This is another note book - a genuine abstract perhaps?

 Some close ups.

If you crochet, especially at Christmas, you will know about that lovely sparkly yarn that is produced as Twilleys Gold Fingering. Well I have found a cheap source on ebay ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/*bubz*/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=) so as you can imagine I have lots. I decided to use some of it up by covering some baubles. I have to say the pictures do not do justice to the yarn - the grey looking stuff is actually a lovely silver.

Any suggestions for pricing will be gratefully received.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Christmas Pudding Hats, Golf head bands and a Sacrificial Robin

Cornwall was lovely; beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and lots of craft to lust after. I think if I lived by the  sea I would have a house full of interesting stones, shells and drift wood that I might be able to use at some time. In fact I do have a house full of stuff that might come in handy at some time so I don't think it matters where I live I will always be a craft magpie.
I am sure that I have said before that I always take some crocheting when I go anywhere, this is what I made on the way to Cornwall (when I wasn't reading crossword clues to Graham). I did the pom-poms and leaves when I got home.

Christmas Pudding Hats.

I didn't do much crocheting in the evening for two reasons: one I was completely worn out with all the exercise I got walking down to the beaches, along the beaches and up again from the beaches, two was we were in the bar or reliving our youth playing 'penny' machines. I did make a few head bands which were inspired by our golfing friend who asked me to make one to keep her ears warm.

Button on head bands, on some I have put several buttons to allow for different sized heads.

I have shared these before:

But this one is to be our sacrificial victim and I am about to perform cruel and unusual acts on him in the name of CE (safety) testing. First I have to try and pull his eyes out and his wings off, then I must try to burn him before poking him with sticks and then drowning him. I am afraid he must suffer so that others may find a good and safe home! I am not sure I can bear it, he looks so optimistic and cheerful - little does he know!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Free Form Rock Pool and Christmas Decorations

This will need to be brief as I have visitors for the next 3 days so I need to shop for food, a new shower curtain and other essentials. Then we are going to Cornwall for 4 days so I need to wash and iron some clothes.
Any way crochet: another free form not so happy with this one but I do like the crab. I love rock pools and rock pooling. So much so that Graham and I have to have our own nets when we go to the seaside. This one is a notebook cover inspired by my endless fascination with the variety of life left in small pools at low tide

  Crab with eyes on stalks and a fossil?

Closed sea anemone and a sea cucumber?
Too many legs on the starfish I am afraid

Some shells, a fish and that sort of sea weed that you can pop.
A little shoal of silver fish and some gravel.

We have started to get orders for our ever popular decorations so these have been occupying me while Vicky has been making snowmen, robins and penguins

so cute!
Singing mad penguins.
Any way (again) back to cleaning and washing while my crochet shouts from a corner.
I should report that the crochet won blow the cleaning.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Free form Cover, Pen Pots and Birthdays

I am in one of those indecisive weeks. Make Christmas decorations? Help Vicky make alpacas? More free form? You know how it is too many things I want to do so I don't do any or at least not many.

All these pictures appear to have a blurred bit - must check the camera lens. These are crocheted around an earthen ware pot because I made some around empty baked bean cans so that we had something to put our crochet hooks in and people kept wanting to but them. We felt that we couldn't sell the cans but we can sell these.

Vicky and I discussed the things we sell last week and she suggested we try some more of the free form type things which were so popular at Fibre East so here is my first attempt:

It is inspired by a walk around the garden -these are all autumn things, although I need to add some toad stools maybe?
It is a cover for a small photo album (I wonder if anyone uses them any more?) but it comes off and can be put on any other book of the right size.
Matt took a look and suggested that it should have a seaside theme for holiday photos so that is my next project. Perhaps I should offer custom made ones, I am sure a Granny would love one with pictures of her family in it - this is not a hint Vicky.

I have often had a feeling that crochet is not a hobby but an obsession. The feeling was absolutely confirmed this week. It was my birthday, Matthew actually went into a shop and bought me wool, Vicky bought a book of mini amigurumi patterns and a magnifier so that I can see what I am doing and Grahams present was a ticket for the Knit and Stitch Show at Ally Pally and a subscription to Inside Crochet.The only person who did not give me a crochet related gift was my Dad who sent me a cheque. I think I will spend the money at the Knit and Stitch show tomorrow!

Do you sell your own patterns or buy crochet patterns?  If so, come and join us in our new Facebook group created to connect independent designers with people who want to croche their patterns:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/588098891317289/

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Never throw anything away Christmas Wreath

We are having a new roof, which means scaffolding and builders everywhere. So in order to keep out of the way I am absolutely having to crochet - life's full of these problems!
I have spoken before about not finishing projects, and trying out new ideas both of which produce lots of tiny bits of crochet such as flowers, leaves, squares etc.I have finally found a use for some of these:

It really appeals to me because it is recycling or at least using bits that would otherwise go to waste. I also love freeform crochet and this is very like that. If you look carefully you can spot a tiny tortoise, a bunch of grapes and a butterfly amongst other things

This is a second one in the making, nothing is attached yet, I am just trying out different ways of placing the colours.

Both of the wreaths are based on these florists rings which can be found on ebay.
This is the pile of bits that are still left. Among her many talents my mum made patchwork quilts -I still have one that I can look at and think that was the dress my school uniform was made in, that is the fabric she used to make Vicky her first party dress, so it acts like family history for me. Anyway to get to the point I am thinking I might make the crochet equivalent of a patchwork quilt with all of these leftover bits.

In other crochet news this week: 

 Little hedgehog mittens from a pattern published in Inside Crochet magazine

And finally more red decorations. The little bird is not actually legless, just an unfortunate shadow. Mind you at Christmas I probably will be.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Free Nordic style Christmas bauble pattern

Not much new crocheting to share this week as I am still working my way through the box of 48 baubles that I got from ebay. So I thought I would share one of my patterns instead.

Christmas Bauble Pattern
You will need:
A 3mm hook     
scraps of 4ply white yarn and very small amounts of red 4ply –I used sparkly yarn
a tapestry needle.
a bauble of diameter approximately 5 to 6cm.
w = white
r = red

Pattern notes:
These baubles are made in two identical halves which are later crocheted together. It gives a neater finish if each colour is finished off before starting a new one. This means that there will be lots of loose ends so crochet them in as you go along if you can.
As you crochet always keep the right side facing you – if you can’t tell which is the right side then just keep the same side facing you each time you change colours.

The pattern (make 2)
1. Using w mc, ch3 to count as first tr. 10tr into ring  join with ss to top of 3ch. cut w and draw through loop on hook.    (11 trebles )

2. Join r between any pair of trebles, 2ch and 1htr into same place. (2htr between next  pair of tr) repeat 10 times. finish off red yarn   ( 22 htr )

3. Join w into back loop of any tr. 2ch then 1htr into back loop of each st to end join with a ss to top of 2ch.  (22 htr counting the first 2ch.) ( for neatness you could cut the yarn and rejoin )

4. still using w 1ch, ( using back loops only 1dc, 1dc, 2dc ) repeat to end join with a ss to 1ch. finish off white yarn. (28 dc  not counting first 1ch)

5. join r to any stitch 2ch, 1htr in same place ( ch1 miss one stitch 2htr in next stitch)repeat to end and join with ss. finish off r yarn. you should now have 14 or 15 pairs of htr it doesn’t matter which.

6. join w into thefirst  htr of any pair, 1ch 1dc in same place. ( work a treble into the row below 2dc in first htr of next pair of htr ) repeat to end join with a ss. The picture below might help!

7.  2ch, one htr in each stitch all the way round join with a ss. finish off white yarn.

8.  Join r in back loop of any stitch, 1ch, 1dc in the back loop of each stitch all round join with a ss

To join the two halves. (The pictures should explain -I hope)

Sew the two halves together, through one loop of each.

Leave a gap big enough to put the bauble in.

Put the bauble in and finish sewing up.

Please let me know if there are mistakes or things that are difficult to understand. Thank you


Monday, 22 September 2014

Christmas baubles in full swing?

There were two or possibly three things that people asked for when we were at the Wokingham fair last week. The first was berets (and fingerless gloves) the second was red and white Christmas decorations. So here is what I have been doing to try to fulfill at least one of these requests.

red and white 4ply cotton-simple but effective
A combination of baubles, passion flower, teasel and a flash of the next door house!
All of the baubles are made in two identical halves which are then crocheted or sewed together over a plastic bauble.

Gold fingering in red and sparkly white baby yarn

Slight change of pattern but same yarn as above left
Red chenille, gold thread and dk white yarn

All of these are made using embroidery cotton

 This is is my favourite. Made from DMC cotton perle which gives it a subtle sheen.
Although all the red ones are from my own pattern, these are made from a pattern by ATERGcrochet.  I should say I have changed the pattern slightly.
There are some really lovely things apart from baubles so worth a look.

I am really struggling to format this ( I can't make the pictures or the words go where I want them to) so I am going to publish it as it is -with apologies for my IT ignorance. What I really need is an IT support network - I used to have a really good one when I was teaching.  (I've tried to sort it out for you.  Hope it looks a bit better - Victoria (daughter and IT support)

I just like the bowl.