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Hi! And welcome to String Theory Crochet. Our little business is growing and growing! We spend happy and busy days, designing, crafting, making and playing with gorgeous yarns. We have some big and exciting things happening this year but don't worry we will still be here with our patterns and we are still available for special requests, one of a kind gifts and commissions. Please feel free to join in with our crochet obsession with your comments and shares or pop over to our Facebook page and show us what you've been making - we'd love to see your finished makes.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lessons from the Wokingham fair and house pets.

The fair in Wokingham was very enjoyable although the publicity did not seem to have spread. This meant that , although there were lots of people about, they had not come out in spend mode. TIP: We did allright because we had lots of little things that people could afford to buy from loose change.
I enjoy meeting the people - well most of them! My  favourites were the Barkham Hookers who are making a huge picture using pixels made from tiny granny squares - we intend to contribute as the proceeds are going to the British Legion Poppy appeal. The other interesting encounter was the very elderly lady who went round the stall and bought about ten things which she blatantly admitted she was going to try to copy and sell up north.

The stall with Graham trying to hide in the background. It does have a jumble sale look because I didn't have Vicky to do the artistic stuff.
Foreground is the whirly thing with mostly Christmas decorations. They sold really well - surprise?
I like having the gazebo to hang things from
 TIP: Arranged like this people were a bit reluctant to come in until Graham used chalk to write 'come in' on the pavement! He'll probably be arrested any moment now/

The alsatian was so popular with one lady that I had to tactfully move it to stop her stroking the fur off.

Flowery brooches which were not very popular so
 I shan't make more of these for a while.

Our best money maker was definitely Persephone. We sold kits and patterns and even the pink pig.

Having been engaged in preparation I have neglected the house more than usual so I decided to attack the cobwebs. IF YOU ARE AN ARACHNAPHOBE LOOK AWAY NOW!
I found this in a dark corner of the hall and even when a giant with a camera came along she was going to stay with and try to protect her babies.

I must go and see if they have gone so that I can at last clean that corner!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Another Fair,Brooches,A Pig Kit and an Infinite Number of Crochet Hooks.

We are at the Wokingham Heritage craft fair on Sunday so I have been pricing and sorting our stock. Then I thought I should take some pictures of the newest stuff. This meant finding it, removing the prices that I had just put on and then photographing before putting the prices back on. Very frustrating but entirely self inflicted.
 These pictures are my attempt to make lanyards interesting. I have rounded up every pair of spectacles in the house ( so Graham is bumping into things). In my head I have been planning a sort of crafters tool kit that you can hang round your neck -not quite ready yet  but watch this space.

 Another tiny purse - I did make two but I have no idea what I did with the second one. The trouble is I have a box marked purses and another one marked key rings and I can't remember which box I put it in.

I have got no real idea what set me off on making flower brooches but I was obviously (judging by the number) quite keen.

This is my favourite brooch. Then there is the latest kit put to together exclusively for the Wokingham fair:

Pattern, 2 pairs of eyes, 2 different hooks and the yarn to make two multicoloured  Persephone the pigs. (Pig not included ... until you've done the crochet that is!)

(Aside from Victoria:  All this wonderful piggy-ness is just £10 at the fair.  We're happy to offer this bargain to our blog and facebook readers too.  Just message to order.)

When we go to these craft fairs we usually have a small section of things for crafters. This time we will have buttons and I thought some hooks and knitting needles. So plan A was to sort out a few hooks:

This is just a small sample of the hooks we have and it doesn't include the ones that we actually use or any of Vicky's collection of vintage hooks or the Tunisian hooks. You get the picture - it could be a while before I sort this lot - especially since I now can't find my glasses.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Halloween beads, matching coat hangers, a purse and some spectacle crochet

Wales is truly amazing; lovely, almost empty, sandy beaches each with a different character. Tiny harbours and universally friendly people. I would recommend it to everyone but I really want to keep it to myself!

I have been thinking about Halloween and so I bought these skull beads, they are lovely and heavy, made from some kind of stone I think. As I have said before when I have new stuff I have to try it. This time it is in combination with a spring clip. I have also tried some tapestry crochet - not too bad for a first attempt.

I still can't get the spring clips right - the purse looks crimped any suggestions?

 You can now have hangers for your dress and your trousers in this matching rainbow effect.
Most recent hanger!

I have to wear glasses for close work and reading but not for anything else so I am constantly putting them down and losing them. I have been meaning to make myself a neck cord to keep my spectacles close to me and yesterday I found some of those little rubbery loops that go on the end of the cord. So ----

If you are like me you will do an image search when you start an unusual project (for me) like this. It was a mistake in this case - try searching for crochet lanyards.You can use them for glasses, identity cards, small purses, your E-cigarette and even your glass of wine to name but a few. So now I have another project!

When I started glasses cords some cases turned up in the search results so.....

Not an original idea but having seen a picture I had to try it. I am so pleased with the result that I am now planning a bigger one.
All of this weeks crochet is made in DMC Natura just cotton. The results are lovely and even and the range of colours is amazing but it does split a bit if you are not careful. I have come to like this cotton so much that I am forced to buy it whenever I see it - you know what I mean!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

i-phone cosies, ears and hangers? and just one more dream catcher

I knew I should have emptied the paddling pool sooner, the moment I did the weather started to improve but it is still trying to fool me because every time I just get the pool dry and turn my back for a minute a tiny shower comes along and I have to start again.

Ben and Danny have had so much fun as you can see.

This week my source of inspirations or should that be sources of inspiration have been very different. First 'Inside Crochet Magazine' had some crochet ears for Halloween I found some black padded hair bands in my stash (I still think it is a hoard) and made my own version.

the models head is a bit too small
Next was a car boot sale where I found  a bag full of children's wooden coat-hangers for the princely sum of £1.50 - who could resist.

And Matt has a new phone which was in need of protection and after I had made one cosy I couldn't stop.

 I have photographed them with an old i-pod which is a bit smaller than an i-phone and used making these as another excuse to use my beautiful buttons.

Finally just one more dream catcher inspired by the interest generated by the last blog and FB .

We are going to Wales for a few days but I am trying to keep it quiet because at the moment the weather still thinks I am only trying to dry the paddling pool and the sun is blazing down. If you hear about hurricanes and the return of the ice age in Wales you will know word has got out!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A dream of a day

Life is full of those amazing things that add so much joy. As an example I decided to hang all of the dream catchers in the garden so that I could take pictures and as I was doing it I caught a flash of movement in the tree I was using.

Here they are all looking beautiful in the apple tree but this was far more beautiful!

He obviously thought the dream catchers were bird feeders full of worms, perhaps and he was of the opinion that he was a humming bird trying to take the ribbons out of mid-air. He was also fearless and when he needed a rest he came and sat within a metre of me. What a treat!

Lots more dream catchers and I am trying to give them names so we have:
autumn dreams, pink dreams, halloween (scary) dreams, night sky dreams, velvet dreams, rainbow dreams and spring green dreams - so far!

 Some close ups of the scary dreams catcher - hope it does not give you nightmares

Monday, 18 August 2014

More of the same: mandalas, dream catchers and decorations

Graham and I had a lovely weekend. Ben and Danny came to stay so we went to Gravity Force which is the new trampoline place in Camberley. I think it is the first time that I have taken my crocheting to pass the time and ignored it completely. The boys had such fun bouncing off walls, playing dodge ball, and jumping into foam pits that I just had to watch - brilliant and highly recommended.

I did do some crocheting over the week, as you would expect, but nothing much that is new because I am still experimenting with mandalas and dream catchers.

This is the finished rainbow dream catcher - the big ring is the bottom part of a lampshade, the medium sized one is a plastic ring bought on line and the small bottom ones are plastic roman blind rings. I had ordered some feathers for it but I think that might be overdoing the decoration!

Next I tried something more artistic. I think this is a bit better than my usual attempts but you can't help but realise that I am a scientist when you look at my works of art.

 Two more mandalas. I made the orange circles separately and then crocheted them in. I really like the effect but I need to block the edges properly.
This one is my favourite so far. With these it helps to be able to do arithmetic and I am much more at home with this more geometrical work - Vicky is our family artist.

The other thing that happened this week was that Graham and I found a garden centre that also sells wool. I can imagine that we will be spending a great deal of time there something for each of us and a cafe for buns afterward perfect.

 This is what I made from some old bangles and  the tinsel yarn that I found at the garden centre

Finally this is proof that you can't have too many buttons: art work by Danny.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Circles Mandalas and Dream Catchers.

As you can see, this week I have been going round in circles. I have been looking at some of the beautiful mandalas that have been submitted for show at YarnDale. They are amazing and inspiring so I had to have a go. The other thing that I had been dying to try was overlay crochet .
The results of putting the two ideas together are here. All done in Rico essentials double knitting cotton.

I am pleased with the results although the colour schemes were dictated by what was already in my stash. Perfect excuse to buy more yarn (as if I needed one)

While I was rummaging for cotton I found an old pattern for a doily which I have converted (by way of the two copper rings from an old lamp shade ) into a pair of dream catchers. These are the perfect excuse to use up ribbons and beads (and anything else) from your stash.

This one is not finished yet but it is made using some rainbow ribbon yarn equivalent to about 4ply I should think.

Lastly Graham and I went to Farnham yesterday to check if the castle was suitable to take Ben and Danny to. It was very good with some quite hair raising views through glass panels to the ground. While we were there we discovered The University of the Creative Arts has a Craft Study Centre which is open to the public. I can really recommend a visit.