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Hi! And welcome to String Theory Crochet. Our little business is growing and growing! We spend happy and busy days, designing, crafting, making and playing with gorgeous yarns. We have some big and exciting things happening this year but don't worry we will still be here with our patterns and we are still available for special requests, one of a kind gifts and commissions. Please feel free to join in with our crochet obsession with your comments and shares or pop over to our Facebook page and show us what you've been making - we'd love to see your finished makes.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ready for Christmas?

I am cutting down on the crochet for the next few days, I really must polish my much neglected house and buy some Christmas presents.

But you didn't think I could stop crochet altogether did you?

 Book cover based on Olaf is my favourite. It took me two goes to get the happy feeling.

 Another book cover that started off being a garden and finished by being a clearing in the woods with a carrot???

This is the smallest owl I have ever crocheted.

I love these buttons and really wish I had bought some more!

 Quick and easy decorations made by crocheting tinsel yarn around curtain rings and then sewing on some snowflake buttons. The nice thing is that there is a ready made loop to tie the ribbon in.

And then there are the hand made gifts and the commissions still to do before Christmas. I have a few but Vicky is hardly sleeping in order to complete everything she has been asked to do.

This is a  gift for a new baby I am a bit worried that it might be too bright, but I love the effect

We have had some really successful fairs this year and sold practically everything we made and as usual have vowed to start to make next years stock as soon as possible in the new year but I bet Vicky will be madly making  penguins and robins and I will be mass producing Christmas puddings in their various forms as fast as possible and at the last minute. The trouble is there is so much more crochet that I want to try and the re- stocking is last on the list.

Monday, 8 December 2014

crochet kits and

Vicky and I sell patterns and kits as well as things we have made. Both of us like to show what something made from one of our patterns looks like but there is a problem - as fast as we make them people come and buy them so here is what I have been doing this week.

Yet another Persephone made using CE tested yarn stuffing etc so if people want to buy the pig rather than the kit it's ok. The kit contains enough yarn to make two pigs as well as two sets of safety eyes, the pattern and the hooks.
Tail on this one is perhaps a bit long.

All her feet are different colours but I think she looks as if she is having a good old roll in mud as pigs do.

Then there is the kit to make mice (enough to make 5 different mice). These seem to be particularly attractive to teenage girls (the mice not the kits) - if they learned to crochet they could make their own (the girls not the mice). Still I expect we will sell more mice than kits at the next fair.

We sell a kit to make a festive key ring in the form of a green wreath like the silver one shown but I am still trying to make not cute crochet so the other key ring is a gruesome eyeball.

 I have friends who are primary teachers who use finger puppets to tell stories. Vicky has made a three little pigs set - I wonder if she has a picture of them? (I do - see below) This is my attempt at the Nativity story. I am reasonably happy with what I have done so far -except for the shepherd who looks a bit like a cross between Sitting Bull and Rambo (and baby Jesus who looks like a big toe - Vicky  )

Finally I thought if we have eye -pads, eye pods ets we really should have a case for your eye phone!

Back to the stock making for the next fair - who would have thought that a Christmas pudding could: cover a ferrero rocher, cover a chocolate orange, be a bauble and even a hat?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Successful Selling and Thank You

This will need to be quick. We have had two successful fairs in three days and have sold almost everything. So I am frantically making a few things for our final show - or at least I will be when I have done the commissions. But I am not complaining and want to say thank you and Happy Christmas to all the people who bought and ordered our makes. And to the people who organised the fairs.

This is the only covered note book left and it jingles!
These are/were very popular with boys of around 11 or 12. Only 2 left.
I have orders for more than 50 of these, to be used as favours after dinner parties. Although one lady said she was going to use them instead of Christmas crackers.
Me with my vital cup of coffee. This fair was in a sixth form centre in a school. That's why I have shelves with books behind me.
We borrowed Danny's tree for decorating so thanks Danny
tiny decorations -all gone!

A very kind person who not only bought the Christmas pudding hat but who consented to have his picture taken too. Thank you!

All gone but we are making more.
Back to work.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Eye Pods, Eye Pads and more.

The eye pads have been very well received by the crochet community so I have made more:

Slightly darker green which  Eye like better than the original frog green. This is definitely a project for those of us with a giant stash. Eye am particularly pleased with this eye - using orange perle embroidery thread adds to the evil feel but I have used variegated 3ply thread in both red and orange, yellow, black and blue cotton 4ply, brown, green and white dk as well as some white sparkly yarn. As I have said before it is almost always the yarn that inspires me so it is obviously essential that I keep vast amounts!

We started this collection with the eye pod key rings:

We the produced the eye pads which are just A5 note books with an unusual front cover. Now acting on advice from Matthew we are proud to present the eye pad mini???

These are A6, I think, so half the size of the original. The red blob was an attempt to crochet a mini but it failed so I have left it out of the second one.

I think we have exhausted the eye pun so here are some sweet little owl pins or brooches to get the horror of the eye pads out of your mind.

I love the way hand made things all have their own character

As soon as I can I will publish how to make some of these eyes and if you want to get started straight away, our guided free form pattern explains how to cover a note book.
Back soon but don't have nightmares

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Not all Crochet is Cute

The chocolate orange cosies were/are very popular and as Vicky said we sold out. So being business women extraordinaire we decided to make more for the next show. Needless to say this involved buying more chocolate oranges. I don't suppose I need to say what happened next but three have already gone two eaten and one as a present!
Anyway I think I am suffering from pink overload and have gone to the opposite extreme with the eye pad.

The inside and the title.

 Evil eye or a chamelian?

Crocodile may be?

Startled human eye?
 These were supposed to be tree frog eyes but something went wrong
An owl or a bush baby perhaps,

I am going to make more not cute crochet but for now back to puddings and decorations.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Selling Crochet Today - in pictures only ... too tired to write

Almost everything - including the cheeky 50p sale box on the right

Chocolate orange cosies - adapted from our apple cosies.  Sold out!


Bells and baubles

Christmas tree table centres and some of mum's notebook covers

Chocolate covers - puddings, owls, bells, robins and penguins.  Excellent sellers.

Various haning ornaments

Wreathes and dream catchers.  We were lucky to have a notice board behind us and a bit of spare material to hide the posters.

A different angle and me having a cup of tea before the rush

Our best customer with two eyeball keyrings.  Mostly, he bought pink things for his girlfriend!